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HuiZhou University
Адреса: Huizhou , вул. Huizhou University, Huizhou, Guangdong, China,

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Huizhou University is a comprehensive university authorized to award bachelor degrees by the Ministry of Education of the PRC. It is located in Huizhou, a nationally recognized “Civilized City”. The city itself faces Daya Bay and the South China Sea to the east and is conveniently situated near Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Huizhou University has a rich history in education and has always been a gathering place for talent. The campus is circled by green hills, shady trees and fragrant flowers. These attributes, coupled with modern buildings, create an excellent environment for teaching, research and study. The campus of Huizhou University is approximately 1.71 km2 in total area, including 406400 m2 of facilities, and 131000 m2 of garden space. The university has been awarded the title of “Garden School” by Huizhou local government for five consecutive years. Huizhou University has recently spent 94.884 million RMB on state-of-the-art teaching equipment, and its new library contains over 1.8666 million volumes 635 thousand e-books including 1,200 categories of newspaper and periodical. There are over 16,144 diploma and degree students, 7,191 adult-education students. The staff includes more than 748 professional teachers, of which there are 81 professors and 183 associate professors, as well as 121 teachers with a doctorate degree and 314 holding a master's degree. The 16 departments of the university are: Electronic Science, Textiles & Clothing Manufacture, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics & Management, Architecture & Civil Engineering, Tourism, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Education, Foreign Languages, Music, Chinese Literature, Politics and Law, and Ideological and Political Theory on Teaching. In addition, there is an Adult Education College and 17 institutes including an Architecture Programming and Design Institute, Higher Education Laboratory, Sushi Culture Institute, Dongjiang River Culture Institute, etc. The university also publishes the periodical “Huizhou University Journal”. Huizhou university currently offers 42 degree programs: Physical Education, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering & Automation, Electrical Information Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Clothing Design & Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Marketing, Financial Management, Logistics Management, Auditing, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Management, Tourism Management, Geosciences, Art & Design, Fine Arts Science, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Information Management & Systems, Horticulture, Biotechnology, Bioscience, Physical Education, Socio-Physical Education, English, Japanese, Musicology, Chinese Language and Literature, Radio and Television Journalism, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Administrative Management, Law, History, and Education in Ideology & Politics. There are also 22 diploma programs including Accounting, Clothing Design, Clothing Engineering, Marketing, Tourism Management, Business Japanese, Musical Education, P.E., Legal Affairs, and Secretary for International Business, Gardening Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Administrative Management, Economic Management, Chemical and Technical Application, Fine Arts Education, Computer Education, and English Education. These programs cover 9 discipline categories. After three decades of offering higher education, Huizhou University has over 60,000 graduates whose education has been highly valued by their subsequent employers. Huizhou University has a modern library, 91 fully-equipped science and digital language laboratories, 2 of which are key laboratories at the provincial level. The university also has a computer center, an education center with multimedia aids, a network & information center as well as a modern stadium and a diving center. Furthermore, the university has been paying more and more attention to the internalization higher education in recent years and has established cooperative relationship with 7 overseas universities. As well, the university is partnered with 130 off-campus organizations for teaching and practical placement. In recent years, Huizhou University has been committed to building an influential application-oriented university with distinctive features. It aims to train more and more qualified graduates in order to make contributions to the local economy under the banner “In Huizhou, For Guangdong”.

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