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Registered for the contest. Teams: 107, Cities: 30,
Universities: 53, Countries: 11
KPI-OPEN 2016 [04.07.2016-09.07.2016]. Registration is closed.
Latest news:

Dear participants of KPI-OPEN 2016,

There were the changes in the schedule of Olympiad!

Dear coaches of the teams! Please, pay your attention that the place of broadcast of KPI-OPEN rounds was changed. Broadcasting will take place in audience No. 307 of the building No. 18. Also there are the changes in the schedule on Wednesday, July 06.

Please see attentively the schedule at link: kpi-open.org/schedule


Dear participants of KPI-OPEN 2016!

Thank you for the confirmation of your participation in the events of KPI-OPEN 2016! We are very gratefull to you for your choice! The poll was finished July 01 in 17:00.

Yours faithfully, KPI-OPEN team

Prize fund of KPI-OPEN 2016 was replenished with classics of the world literature on informatics - "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald E. Knuth in 4 volumes. "The Art of Computer Programming" is the fundamental monograph of Donald Knuth - the famous American mathematician and a specialist in the field of computer science, devoted to review and analysis of the most important algorithms used in computer science. This monograph is included into the Gold fund of the world literature for informatics and also it is the reference book practically for all who are connected with programming.

Prize fund of KPI-OPEN 2016

The winners of KPI-OPEN 201

team Moscow IPT Jinotega (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

Moscow IPT Jinotega

The 2nd place - teams LNU Penguins (Lviv National University named in honour of Ivan Franko) and LNU Clouds (Lviv National University named in honour of Ivan Franko)

LNU Penguins

LNU Clouds

The 3rd place teams - KNU knu (Kyiv National University named in honour of Taras Schevchenko), namedTeam (University of Tartu) and UWr Vegetables (Wroclaw University)

KNU knu


UWr Vegetables

Final video of KPI-OPEN 2015:

Final video of KPI-OPEN 2013:


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